Sandy's musical life started at the young age of three in South Korea where she studied piano and
percussion. Her passion for music and mallet percussion in particular, saw her develop a career as
a soloist with orchestras and ensembles. Sandy has completed her Bachelor of Music with Richard
Miller, timpanist with Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Master of Performance under the guidance
of Daryl Pratt, a chair of Percussion Unit at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney.

Selected as a ‘Recognised Young Musician’ at the XX World Conference of the International
Society for Music Education, Sandy started her performing career at the age of four. She has
performed with various orchestras including Chung- Book Camerata Orchestra, Suwon
Philharmonic Orchestra, Sydney Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra, Musicus Medicus and
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. She has featured in several media broadcasts and her many
awards include first prizes in the Australian Percussion Eisteddfod (open solo keyboard 2 Mallet),
the Sydney Percussion Eisteddfod (Intermediate Solo Keyboard 4 Mallets), National Music Society
Competition of South Korea and Sydney Conservatorium Concerto Competition.

Winner of 2MBS-FM’s Young Performers Awards, some of the highlights of performance include
Australia premiere performance of Anders Koppel’s Marimba Concerto No.1 and adaptation of
string pieces on Marimba including Saint Saens’ Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso where

she performed with an orchestra.

Sandy’s successful performing career continued not only in Australia but in Singapore, Japan and
Korea collaborating with eminent musicians. She has performed in various venues including
Sydney Opera House and Kuk-Lip Theather in South Korea. She has participated and performed
in many workshops with Evelyn Glennie, Mark Ford, NEXUS, Mike Udow, Steve Schik, Kevin
Bobo, and Gordon Stout. Recently Sandy has participated, in World famous marimba pioneer
Keiko Abe’s Master training course in Japan.

Sandy participated in a live interview at the 2MBS-FM and her activities will be continuously
followed. Sandy has visited Korea in January to perform as a member of Ensemble Consonant to
celebrate 50th year of diplomatic relation between Australia and Korea. In July, she gave recital at
an International Marimba Symposium in Korea as the first Australian marimbist. She has been
selected as a 2MBS-FM’s YPA Jury this year and also acting as a 2MBS-FM youth development
music consultant.

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